AtlasPROfilax Highlights 2015

AtlasPROfilax highlights 2015: Testimonials from North America

Doctors (and one actor) share their positive experience and recovery from pain after receiving the AtlasPROfilax treatment.

Great job by Atlasprof Vladimir Tomljenovic!

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The Original Method for Atlas Realignment

The atlas is the first cervical vertebra, and along with the second vertebra, the axis forms the joint connecting the skull and the spine.

The atlas (C1) not only carries the skull, but is also responsible for the suspension, equilibrium and management of the spine and human skeleton.

AtlasPROfilax¬ģ is a neuromuscular massage technique that focuses on the short muscles of the neck - the suboccipital muscles - that surround and stabilize the head joints (base of the skull, atlas and axis vertebras).